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Repair Video Master can recover partly damaged or corrupted video files
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Repair Video Inc.

There are numerous occasions when your video files cannot be played properly because of various reasons. This application can be a neat solution for those moments. It is designed to repair video files - more exactly to detect and repair the bad data of these video files.

It comes with an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface. There are just a few buttons: 'Add file', 'Remove file' and 'Repair'. You can also chose the output location of the repaired video. Anyone can use this tool without any problem, including beginners.

A handy feature of this application is that it does not overwrite the original file, instead it does a fresh new copy with the fixed one. Another advantage is the fact that it features a fast repair speed, in the order of seconds, even if you are dealing with large files.

As a drawback, I would mention that the free version is limited to repairing only one movie file per time. This makes the process quite tedious if you are trying to repair a large number of files. The price tag looks a bit high to me as there are not so many options or settings for the output file to fiddle with.

To summarize, Repair Video Master can be a handy solution when in need of a fast and easy to use video repair tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Fast repair speed
  • No damage to your original video, as the application makes its fixed copy instead


  • The free version is limited to repairing one movie file per time
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